Past Events

On the Sunday 23rd June 2013, TeamW4 organised a 65th Anniversary Run for Land Rover owners in Western Australia.

The event started at kelmscott shopping centre in the Southern suburbs and ended at Whiteman Park Motor Museum north of Perth, an approx 40km route. We officially had some 146 registered vehicles take part, with a fair number of “un-official” vehicles join us through the day!

The day can be summed up by one of our own members, Chris (Libertyts) who commented on the day’s proceedings for us on the AULRO forums:

WOW!!! What a day!!! Land Rover’s of every shape, size, colour and state of “repair” put on a magnificent show for the public as everyone made their way from the Kelmscot Plaza carpark to Shelter H at Whiteman Park.

Although the convoys got split up on occasion by the lights, no one was left behind and everyone made it without any incidents. Unusual? Yes, for that many LR’s, even a group of 10 usually sees someone fall victim to one thing or another!

The TeamW4 committee worked tirelessly in the lead-up to this event and worked even harder on the day! Oh and boy did it show! Everything was well presented and I don’t think anyone ever felt lost for something to do. I can’t stress how grateful I am to you guys for the day, it was fantastic.

After squeezing approx 50 of the LR’s onto the grassed area of Shelter H we saw the bonnets start to pop open and the crowds start to gather. I choose to believe the bonnets were open for display purposes and nothing else!! Others, jokingly I hope, disagreed!

Conversations were struck within moments of arrival. Ideas, problems, advice and suggestions were exchanged between LR owners, experts and enthusiasts alike. You could almost hear the gears turning in some heads as the builds that some thought were finished became open projects again.

The Series’ took to the podium and displayed themselves proudly. As far as I can remember none of them even had a nervous wee on the pavement!! The display of young and old in the center (and no I don’t mean the TeamW4 committee) showed the magnificent progression of LR’s over the years, right up to the the brand new RR. What a magnificent looking machine that was, too bad my wage for the next century couldn’t cover the cost of buying and running that!

All in all I think everyone had a great day. TeamW4 got some fantastic exposure to the public, which was much needed and well deserved. I think after today the inquiries for details and registration to the W4 CHALLENGEwill start to flood the boys’ inboxes! I know I either fielded or overheard over a dozen questions in regards to the Challenge in the 15/20mins I stood at the shelter.

Thanks again guys for such a great day and I hope to see many of you again real soon!

The official “registered” vehicles list is as below. Many thanks to all who made this day so special for many Land Rover owners and enthusiasts.

Photos can be found in our FaceBook albums at the following links:

1948. 80″ Pre-production No.48, Chassis No.L48 (Marco Tasselli)

1948. Series 1 (Graeme Duncombe)
1949. Series 1 (Peter Dunstan)
1950. Series 1 (Graeme Duncombe)
1952. Series 1 80″ (Vince Pintabona)
1954. Series 1 86″ Canvas (Duncan Cooke), Series 1 86″ (Andrew Rogers), Series 1 Pick-up 107″ (Nigel Joshua)
1955. Series 1 SWB (Peter Dunstan)
1958. Series 88″ Command Recon (Wallace Braley)

1961. Series 2 109″ Ex Army (Andrew Readhead)
1963. Series 2a 88″ Canvas (David Rogers)
1967. Series 2a 109″ Ute (Gordon Gow), Series 2a Van (James Kraft)
1968. Series 2a 109″ Ex Army (Jamie Crossmann), Series 2A SWB (Rob Fidock)
1970. Series 2a 109″ Safari (John Bouwknegt)

1971. Series 2a (Fraser Tonner)
1972. Series 3 109″ Ute (Brian Rowcliffe), Range Rover Classic (Trevor Baker)
1975. Series 3 SWB (Martin Shurlock), Series 3 109″ (Max De Burg)
1978. Range Rover Classic (Ian Whitaker)
1979. Series 3 Lightweight (Dave Dover), Series 3 109″ Military FFR (Travis Jaarola)

1981. Range Rover Classic 2dr (Casey Jones)
1982. Range Rover Classic (Paul Williamson), Range Rover Classic (George)
1983. Series 3 Stage 1 Isuzu (Rob Humphries)
1984. Range Rover Classic (Karl Williams), Range Rover Classic (Jeremy Shannon)
1985. Range Rover Classic (Peter Dunstan), Isuzu County (Mark Davis), County 110 V8 (Johnno Hampson), Perentie 110 Soft Top (Rob Reece)
1986. 110 County (Rob Humphries), Range Rover HiLine (Garry Barker)
1989. Range Rover Classic (Paul Fitzgerald), Range Rover Classic (Michael Bray)

1992. Range Rover Classic (owners name withheld), Range Rover Vogue (Rob Hewett)
1993. Discovery 1 200 TDi (Michael Wells), Range Rover Classic (Chris Albany), Defender 110 Troop Carrier (Denis Sharpe), Discovery 1 (Stuart Trotter), Discovery 1 200 TDi (Billy Jones), Range Rover Vogue (David Knight)
1994. Range Rover Classic LWB (Stevan Coates), Defender 200TDi (John Parisson), Discovery 1 (Michael McGrady), Discovery 1 (Robert Lunt), Defender 110 200TDi (Martin Gehrmann)
1995. Discovery 1 300TDi (Dave Dover), Discovery 1 (Ben de Boer), Discovery 1 (Ruairi Dowling), Range Rover P38 (Lance Bennett)
1996. Range Rover P38a (Gary Illing), Discovery 1 (Peter Windsor), Range Rover P38a (Aaron Knight), Defender 110 300TDi (Ellen Wells), Defender 130 (Amanda Abbott), Discovery 1 (Peter Windsor)
1997. Defender 110 300TDi (Deb Whitelock), Discovery 1 (Ryan Upson), Discovery 1 (Josh Pearson), Defender 130 (Alexander Holdforth), Defender 110 (Stephen Abbott)
1998. Discovery 1 Commercial (Dave Long), Range Rover P38 (Lorraine Wood-Tonner), Discovery 1 (Paul Seeney), Defender (Allan Henshaw), Freelander 1 (Lifestyle 4WD)
1999. Defender 130 (Dave Long), Defender 130 (Ian Tomlinson), Range Rover P38 (Wayne Garrard), Discovery 2 (Matthew Selfe), Discovery 2 (Ross McVea), Defender 130 (Graham Hall), Discovery 2 (Ian Jennings), Discovery 2 (Ronald Schipp)
2000. Discovery 2 (Kieren Aubrey), Discovery 2 (Ben Fowler), Defender 110 (Bruce Carroll), Range Rover P38 (Tony Smith)

2001. Discovery 2 (Roger Masters), Defender 130 (owners name withheld), Discovery 2 (Paul Davis), Discovery 2 (Steve Howe)
2002. Defender 110 Extreme (Jurgens Crafford), Discovery 2 (Newton Walker), Discovery 2 (Aaron Potter), Discovery 2 (Jason McVea), Defender 110 Extreme (Steve Oliver), Defender 110 Extreme (Garry Richards)
2003. Discovery 2a (Andrew Brown), Discovery 2a (Albert Kirchner), Discovery 2a (Richard Winder), Defender (Hermamus Louw), Discovery 2a (Kelvin Slee), Range Rover Vogue (Dave Carling), Discovery 2 (Chris Coates), Discovery 2a (Jake Stride)
2004. Defender 130 (Ian Whitaker), Discovery 2 (Gavin Wibrow), Discovery 2a (Peter Fisher), Defender 90 (Mark Perks), Discovery 2a (Gavin Little), Defender 90 (Rob Reece)
2005. Range Rover Vogue (Amy Albany), Range Rover Sport Ltd Ed. (Lifestyle 4WD)
2006. Discovery 3 (Jeremy Hembrough), Defender 110 (Anna Rogers)
2007. Range Rover Sport (Ivor Winrow)
2008. Defender SVX 110 (John Jackson), Discovery 3 (Vicki Barker), Defender (Richard Court), Discovery 3 (Richard Brown)
2009. Defender (David Sutton), Discovery 3 (Dave McVea)
2010. Defender 110 (Tim Shaw), Range Rover Sport (Gordon German), Defender 90 (Lourens Breytenbach), Range Rover Sport (Michael Stewart), Discovery 4 (Mark Hryb), Defender 110 (Alan Hanshaw)
2011. Discovery 4 (Stephen Attwell), Defender 110 (Brett Pearson), Defender X-Tech 90 (Greg Scott), Discovery 4 (Graham Drury), Discovery 4 (Peter Goldsworthy), Defender 90 (Russell Willding), Defender 90 (Ben Whitaker), Defender 110 (Mark Duncan)
2012. Range Rover Evoque (Ian Whitaker), Defender X-Tech 90 (Dave Brown), Defender 110 (Nathan Tuckey), Defender 110 (Steve Brown), Defender 90 (Stuart Holliday), Defender 90 & “Toylander” (Leigh Goddard), Defender 110 (Alan Dorahy), Discovery 4 (Brian Murray), Discovery 4 (Brett Christie), Defender 110 (Mark Crowther), Defender 90 (Jezz Bennett), Discovery 4 (Peter Robertson)
2013. Range Rover (Southern Land Rover), Defender 110 (Keith Berwick), Defender 110 (Chris Price)