September 16, 2017 @ 7:00 am – September 17, 2017 @ 4:00 pm

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W4 Challenge September 16 &17 2017
September this year will see the running of the 7th Annual W4 Challenge.
A weekend of family oriented camping, fun, frolics and 4WD-ing!
There will be about 8 course stages over the weekend. Participants will be split into groups, we try to vary the types of vehicles in each group as much as possible to let you compare the ability of many of Land Rover`s finest.
Some stages are progressive, points are awarded as you pass through “gates” along the way, If you think the track ahead looks bit to extreme for you, you simply take the points you have accrued and pull out.
Some stages allow you to plot your own path while looking for hidden punches to punch your score card.
Some stages may even be a mixture of the 2
All stages will see you loosing points for reversing, touching canes and excessive wheel spin. Plan your route carefully and the points will be plentiful.
None of the stages are speed based although there will be a time limit just to keep things moving as the transit tracks themselves can also be challenging.
This years Challenge sees us at a new venue near Bindoon. The property is picturesque and hilly, the stages are all part of the natural environment.
The camping area is still being developed so will be basic although it will have flushing toilets and a view across the valley. ( but not both at the same time).
Water is scarce and there will be no rubbish facilities, so please be prepared to bring everything you need, and take away everything you don’t need when you leave.
The track to the campsite is rough, no problem for camper trailers but may cause some difficulty for larger caravans and 2 wheel drive vehicles.
There will be a communal campfire on the Friday and Saturday nights to pull up a chair and have a natter.
There will only be a maximum of 48 places available this year and the only way to reserve one is to get your registration in and pay the entry fee.

Frequently asked questions
When is the 2017 W4C? September 16 & 17
Where is it? Near Bindoon
How do I register? A registration form will be emailed to you in the next few days. If you don’t receive one, check your spam and junk mail folders, if it`s not there you have given us the wrong email address or blocked us.
Can I bring my dog? No
Can I bring my Guinee pig ? Sorry No pets at all.
Can I bring a Caravan? Access to the camp site with a large caravan will be extremely difficult and not recommended. Access with a camper trailer will be ok
Can I enter an un registered Land Rover? If it is the illusive centre steer prototype or an original spec Classic Land Rover, probably. If it is a highly modified monster truck, probably not. If you want to enter an unregistered vehicle, email the details and it will be put before a panel of specialist rivet counters and individually assessed.
Access to the camp with a car trailer will not be possible so please let us know if you intend to trailer a vehicle as we will have to allocate a parking area.
Can I bring my motor cycle/quad/go cart? Sorry no, Land Rovers only
Is the Challenge open to non members? Not to participate but they can come as a members guest and travel in the Members Land Rover.
Are there any toilets ? Yes, flushing toilets, please help out by clean.
Is there any drinking water? ` No you must bring everything you need.
Is there a rubbish bin? No you must take all your rubbish home with you.
Will there be a Coffee van? No unfortunately not this year but feel free to make some extra cups for the organisers.
Will breakfast be provided ? No unfortunately not this year but feel free to invite organisers to your camping area and cook breakfast for them.
Can we light a campfires? There will be a communal fire in the centre of the camping area. Individual camp fire will not be permitted.
Can we go for a drive around the property? No your vehicle will have to remain in the camp area unless escorted by one of the organisers. There will be an optional night drive for any one who wants to tag along.
Why is my name not on the participant list? Names will only go on the list when registration forms and payment have been received.
What happens if don’t get my registration and payment in quickly and all 48 places are taken? You miss out so get in fast


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Full details of this trip are only viewable by fully paid members of TeamW4.
If you would like to join us on this trip, please contact us for more details by email at the following address:


Many thanks.