January 26, 2017 all-day

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Event Leader Phillip Smith

For those that may be interested in doing something different to normal, I was thinking that it would be good to go to a nice beach, where it is OK fishing, and good swimming for all ages.
If the majority want to do a serious drive along the beach, we can go in at Tims Thicket and drive for 1.5 hours along the beach to Preston Beach, OR, we can just go down the Forrest HWY and go onto the beach at Preston itself….

Meet at BP Baldivus, Southbound. at 8:00
Leave at 8:30 for either Preston or Tims Thicket
Arrive at Tim’s Thicket at 9:15 OR Preston Beach at 9:30
Go South along beach.
Set up camp on Beach.
Relax, socialise, swim, fish, socialise, BBQ, Relax, socialise, Relax
Pack up at around 5:00 and drive back to Preston Beach car park and pump up tyres.
Go home.





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