January 14, 2017 all-day

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Driving the longest continuous stretch of Beach in the SW. 73Km of it. Because we can. ๐Ÿ™‚
We get on the beach just south of Tim’s Thicket, and drive along the beach till the cut at Koombana Bay (Bumbury).

It’s Summer, Saturday, and we’re at the Beach. It will be a long relaxed day, with almostย 3 hours of daylight to drive home in.
8::00 Meet at Red rooster Baldivis, Freeway Southbound
8:30 Depart for Tims Thicket to let down tyres.
9:30 Have morning tea when we get on the beach at White Hills, along with a swim.
10:30 Get going.
12:30 Stop for lunch, around half way, and another swim.
13:30 Get on the way again

15:30 Relaxed afternoon tea (or a coldie if it’s hot) at the cut, plus swim.

16:30 heading to nearest legal beach exit to pump up tyres and go home.

17:00 Head home
Needed are Recovery Points, Basic Recovery Gear, Compressor, CB radio would be handy.
Difficulty is 1-2….. Great for older kids to practice on, so you don’t get tired….. ๐Ÿ™‚ย  Beach will be soft

Trip Leader Phill Smith



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