So who are we? And more importantly, what are we?

Well, we’re a bunch of very good friends looking to actively promote all things Land Rover in and around Western Australia, maybe even further afield if possible.

We all met through day out trips organised by members of the Australian Land Rover Owners forum (better known as AULRO).

Over a number of years we’ve become very good friends and try our best to stay in touch socially and meet together on those trips as much as possible.

It all started back in November 2010 when Neil, Jurgens and Kieren were sitting around chatting over a few beers, when Neil started reminiscing about his days competing in off-road 4×4 trials events in his home land of Scotland, and made a joke about organizing one in Western Australia. Talk quickly led to a family style event where Land Rover drivers and their families could come along for a bit of a weekend camping and 4×4-ing. As a result – and very soon after – the AULRO Family Fun Weekend was in the planning, and took place in Toodyay in September of 2011, and a very successful weekend it turned out to be! So much so that within that first week afterwards, people were asking when the next one was!!

So the plan was hatched. There would definitely be another event in 2012. However, the amount of time and effort needed for planning the event was bigger than we imagined for 2011, so help was needed.

At the previous years event, we had a number of fantastic people helping us design the courses, so it seemed logical to “invite” two of those into our fold. Welcome Ian and Dave on to the stage!

Both were extremely keen to be part of the team and their input was a massive help in organising the 2012 event, as it was 2011. But it was decided that the “AULRO Family Fun Weekend” was a bit of a mouthful, and a decision was made to promote the event as the (already legendary!) “W4CHALLENGE“. The reception was quite simply astounding, and the number of participants had to be restricted to 48.

So much so was the need or want of such an event in the West Australian Land Rover community, we had no problem getting sponsors on board to help in the promotion of funding of the event.

The 2012 W4Challenge went down a storm, with nearly all participant places snapped up with 6 months til the event! So there was really no option but to start to plan a 2013 event. The pressure was on!

To enable better management and organisation of the event, it was decided between the five “members”, to start a variation of a “club”, based around the success of the past events. We all loved going on day trips, from inception to just tagging along, and decided we worked with, and got on so well together, we’d form a kind of “committee” to get some events organised under the W4Challenge banner…..and so was formed TeamW4.

For a number of months TeamW4 existed only as a name between it’s founders, and it was then decided in late 2012, after many requests from other Land Rover driver owners, to seek proper incorporation as an official Club. The application was lodged and approved in March 2013, and so was born a new dedicated Land Rover only owner/drivers club in WA.

Following the success of successive Challenge events, and the organisation of a 65th Anniversary Run, and a marked presence at the Gingin Classic British Car show, membership inquiries came flooding in.

The intention is to run Land Rover only events, for the promotion of all things Land Rover, past, present and future, and in such a way that captures the imagination and want of participation by all of the marques enthusiasts, regardless of age or experience, of both driver and vehicle.

Welcome to the exciting new world of TeamW4.