TeamW4 Sponsors

So this page is dedicated to our Club sponsors for this financial year!
(in no particular order or preference)
All are willing to offer some kind of discount, but don`t forget to show them a valid TeamW4 membership card.

Southern Land Rover Service Joe Cuccovia 9231 9720

Lifestyle 4WD Steve Armour 9271 7500

RovAir Air Suspension Systems Malcolm Robinson 0429 132 180

Tickels Discovery Auto Julien Tickel 9302 6680

Superfit Seat Covers Peter 9358 6244

Oppsosite Lock Welshpool 9362 1744 Wangara 9302 3950

Infinite Energy Dave Sutton 0438 588 561

WYLIE TYRES Paul Plant 0429 131 510

Green Oval Experience Gordon German 0424 966 558

ELP Driver Training Simon Mercado 0424 676 317

Dale Signs Linley Phylis 9350 5530

Mainpeak John Mustard 0418 918 474

ARB Osborne Park Mark Shepherd 9244 3553

Please support them if you are able, as without their help, we couldn’t make TeamW4 and the W4CHALLENGE (appear to be) as professional as it might look!

If you can offer a service that you feel our members would be keen to use, and you would like to be a TeamW4 Club sponsor, we have an attractive annual sponsorship package.

Please feel free to contact us by email at or speak to us personally at one of our club meetings.