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Constitutional Duties (Section 10)

The Treasurer must-

(a) be responsible for the receipt of all moneys paid to or received by, or by him or her on behalf of, the Association and must issue receipts for those moneys in the name of the Association;

(b) pay all moneys referred to in paragraph (a) into such account or accounts of the Association as the Committee may from time to time direct;

(c) make payments from the funds of the Association with the authority of a general meeting or of the Committee and in so doing ensure that all cheques are signed by himself or herself and at least one other authorised Committee member, or by any two others as are authorised by the Committee;

(d) comply on behalf of the Association with sections 25 and 26 of the Act with respect to the accounting records of the Association by-

(i) keeping such accounting records as correctly record and explain the financial transactions and financial position of the Association;
(ii) keeping its accounting records in such manner as will enable true and fair accounts of the Association to be prepared from time to time;
(iii) keeping its accounting records in such manner as will enable true and fair accounts of the Association to be conveniently and properly audited; and
(iv) submitting to members at each annual general meeting of the Association accounts of the Association showing the financial position of the Association at the end of the immediately preceding financial year.

(e) whenever directed to do so by the Chairperson, submit to the Committee a report, balance sheet or financial statement in accordance with that direction;

(f) unless the members resolve otherwise at a general meeting, have custody of all securities, books and documents of a financial nature and accounting records of the Association, including those referred to in paragraphs (d) and (e); and

(g) perform such other duties as are imposed by these rules on the Treasurer.

Other Duties

Promote the need for our club to get involved with community events
to help promote the positive aspects of club membership.
Attend TeamW4 committee meetings.
Assist other committee members as required.
Fill in for other committee members as required.
Receive and document all payments from members.
Receive and document all payments from sponsors.
Make and document all payments to creditors.
Prepare financial report for Committee, General and Annual General meetings.
Arrange external financial audit for AGM.
Issue invoices to club sponsors.
Liaise with bank to keep all documents and list of signatories up to date.
Keep and file all relevant financial documents.
Keep record of all payments made and received.
Receive all payments for club merchandise.

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