WA4WD Association Representative

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The primary role for the Western Australia 4WD Association (WA4WDA) Delegate is to liaise between TeamW4 and the WA4WD Association.
This is done by attending the monthly Association meetings held on the 3rd Monday of the month.
The meetings take place at their headquarters 322 Mills Road East Martin.
Web site link: www.wa4wda.com.au

Duties of the Delegate:

Attend association meetings;
Feedback to TeamW4 members any issues raised at the association meetings;
Seek feedback from TeamW4 members and the Committee as to any issues we need to table at the association meetings;
Promote the need for our club to get involved with community event to help promote the positive aspects of a recognised 4WD club membership;
Attend TeamW4 committee meetings;
Assist other committee members as required;
Fill in for other committee members as required.

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