About Us

We are pleased to announce that the club received its formal Incorporation certificate dated 28th March 2013 from the Western Australia Department of Commerce, therefore making us an officially recognised club in Australia.

“Why another 4WD club we hear you ask?”
We’ve had a whole heap of people asking us what they can do to help, and be involved with, the things we are doing, especially the annual W4 CHALLENGE event. We have been receiving some very positive feedback on what we are doing and proposing as a group of friends, and therefore decided to open up our little “closed team” and form an official club. There’s been a lot of people asking if we have membership options available, and we’re now able to offer that option publicly.
Follow this link for the membership page.

The club is, and will be, dedicated entirely to the Land Rover marque, and no other make of vehicle will be entitled to join in our events or trips. We will strictly be a one-make club, whose sole interest will be in the promotion, participation, and enthusiastic inclusion of all things Land Rover. Whether being a run out, a weekend camp, a social get-together, or promoting the Land Rover brand at formal events, the one thing on our mind will, and must be, the Land Rover brand – irrespective of age, model, or variant.

As more members come on board, hopefully between us we can create a full calendar of such activities for us all to enjoy.
TeamW4 membership will also entitle you to a discounted entry fee into this years W4 CHALLENGE, when in time, this will eventually turn into a dedicated members only annual club event.
Club meetings will NOT be of the official sit round a table kind, as commonly is the norm with clubs here in Australia.
Our aim is to have VERY social informal meetings, where the entire family will be welcome and included as much as possible.

Please add our email address to your safe list in order to not miss out on any other email from us – theteam@teamw4.com

No junk or spamming email will ever be sent from us, but as a member you may occasionally from time to time, receive promotional emails from the clubs sponsors once you become a member, unless you direct us otherwise.

As a club, we very much look forward to hearing from many of you in the very near future, and to the exciting new times ahead……