Membership – PLEASE READ

So…’ve downloaded the membership application form, and you’ve just read the bit at the bottom that states you need a proposer and a seconder BUT they have to be existing full members, and there’s no public members list for you to trawl through.


How can I join this wonderful club that will be the new force in world domination, we hear you ask?

Here’s how for all you prospective members:

No funny hand-shakes, no rolling up of trouser legs, simply download the application form,  turn up to TWO events (events/meetings previously attended also count), make yourself known to the committee or another full member – single two out if you can, get on their good side (Corona seems to work wonders!), get them to sign your application form, and hey presto, all it needs then is the Committee to approve it and you’re in! You’ll then be sent payment details once membership id confirmed.

How simple is that??

Membership information and application form download at this link